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Bahrain Leisure / Sports

Below are the list of Leisure and Sports Clubs located in Bahrain :


  • The Bahrain Arts Society

    The Bahrain Arts Society (TBAS) invite you to view fine Bahraini art of the 21st century. In this site you will learn more about the Bahrain Arts Society, our members, their latest creative art works and much more. The Bahrain Arts Society, established in 1983 is a non-profit cultural organization.

    Our objective is to participate in the cultural promotion and develop fine arts in Bahrain and the surrounding region, and to take the artists into a new dimension throughout the world by participating intensively in the local and international arts events. We hold selective art exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and other cultural events. Although our members are selected talented artists from the region, but our doors are open for all art lovers.

  • Bahrain Welsh Society

    • Contact :+973 1772 7127

    This year 2006/2007 will be the year when we celebrate our Welshness- our unique culture based on language, singing, dancing, rugby and of course BRAINS! Come and join us and feel the warmth- the ‘hywel and the hiraeth’. We may be the smallest of the national societies but we are certainly the friendliest!
  • Bahrain Caledonian Society

    Membership is open to Scots and non-Scots alike. Anyone born in Scotland or having one or more Scottish parents is eligible for Ordinary membership. Everyone else is eligible for Associate membership.
  • Awali Caledonian Society

    The Caledonian Society, Awali, was founded in 1936. Membership is open to Scots and non-Scots alike. Anyone born in Scotland or having at least one parent/grandparent who is Scots by birth or having at least one spouse who is Scots by birth is eligible for Ordinary Membership. Associate Membership is granted to persons who have resided in Scotland for a period of not less than 5 years. Temporary Membership is granted at the discretion of the Society’s Committee to persons visiting Bahrain for a period not exceeding 3 months.
  • Bahrain Round Table

    Bahrain Round Table, is a society for young (or youngish) professional men. The main objective of Bahrain Round Table is to be of service to the local community, by raising money for local charities. The funds are raised through hosting the Bahrain Marathon Relay. One of the biggest events of its kind in the Gulf, and probably the world! Round Table ethos also revolves around coming together socially, with fun events held throughout the year.
  • Bahrain Hash House Harriers

  • Bahrain Management Society

    Bahrain is an important business center, not only for the Gulf, but also for the Middle East. As such, it is experiencing astonishing development and advancement. everyday we are exposed to new management theories and concepts that lead to innovation and creativity, increase in overall productivity and enhanced quality to meet the need to stay at the leading edge of competitiveness in the new global business environment.
  • Bahrain Information Technology Society

    The Bahrain Information Technology Society formerly known as the Bahrain Computer Society was founded in march 1981, with the main objectives of promoting the Information Technology profession in the Kingdom of Bahrain and improving the awareness of general public and the community to events and development in Information Technology.
  • Bahrain Board Game Club


Wisdom Home Society +973 1772 7575
The Royal Society of St. George +973 3972 6329
Tamil Social and Cultural Association +973 3960 3564
Shree Nayrana Cultural Society +973 1725 5517
Pakistan Association+973 3941 5200
Bahrain Kannada Sangha+973 1727 1257
Bahrain Irish Society+973 3945 6857
Mums in Bahrain