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Bahraini Pets

The following is a list of Pets companies

  • Pets Home CO.W.L.L

    Contact us on: [email protected]

    Call us on:

    Burhama Branch: + 973 17 554 995

    Hamala Branch : + 973 17 300 203

    Fax : + 973 17382010

    Located boarding the Capital city of Manama on the Buddaiya Highway, Pets Farm creates an ideal location for animal lovers.

    A variety of domestic animals such as "man's best friend" dogs, the cuddly loveable cats, the chirpy birds including the colourful macaws, and even talking parrots are just to name a few. In addition to the domestic animals we also have rabbits, turtles, hamsters, mice, Ginny pigs. Along with all accessories that are required for the pets such as food, cages, chains, collars, cat litter, toys etc. And services like pet taxi, Grooming, pet travel aid, boarding, dog training and so on.



    Pet Arabia is a recently established company in the kingdom of Bahrain with the aim of catering to the requirements of pets especially cats and dogs while setting new standards in pet-care and grooming. We provide high-level services and products on pet-care in the following categories:


    - Pet Food

    - Pet Medicine

    - Pet grooming services

    - Pet supplies (including beds, leashes & Collars, toys, treats, clothing .. etc)

  • Delmon Boarding Kennels & Cattery

    English Style Kennels & Cattery, Dog Training available, Home Pet Visits, Dog Walking, Pet Relocation
  • Dr. Nonie Coutts

    We offer a whole range of services to our clients including: General Pet Healthcare,

    Vaccinations, Grooming/Bathing, Surgical Procedures, Import/Export of animals, Boarding of Pets (Dogs, Cats etc.)


    The BSPCA was established some 23 years ago in 1979. The co-founders (and the current President) of the organization, Khalil Rajab and his wife Betty Khalil, set out to make Bahrain a better place to co-exist with animals. This ambitious project is working thanks to dedicated volunteers who take care of the everyday welfare of the animals within the sanctuary.

    Royal Canin is known as the company that people turn to for the highest level of nutrition for their dogs and cats. A signature which demonstrates our continual will to always understand better the nutritional needs of dogs and cats, in true respect of their animal nature.
  • Saar Kennels

    • Contact :+973 1779 2064


Saar Kennels+973 1779 2064
Veterinary Services +973 1769 2975
Modern Animal Health Care +973 1759 0908
Al Reem Veterinary & Agroserve+973 1769 7476
Jassim Veterinary Centre, Sugaya+973 17261 881
Al Ahli Animal Centre+973 1762 2102 / 3965 4343
Modern Animal Health Centre, Budaiya+973 1759090
Nonie Coutts Surgery, Manama and Saar+973 1724 5515
World Birds (Bader Slaibikh) +973 1777 7757
Saad Sultan For selling Birds +973 1777 5386
Bird Nest +973 1723 0161
Bahrain Agriculture Centre & Pets +973 1755 0564
Al Asfoor Mansoor Ebrahim +973 1722 3433
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