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Bahrain Attractions

Welcome to Bahrain Attractions page, here on this page you will see list of different things to do in Bahrain and find out more about Bahrain History, Culture, landmarks , Island and Beaches.

  • Arad Fort

    • Contact :+973 1767 2278
    • Location :Muharraq
    • Entry Fee :200 fills
    • Timings :10.00 - 17.00

    The Fort is square with a circular tower on each corner. Built in the 17th century Arad Fort, It has undergone extensive restoration, and is now illuminated at night, presenting a magnificent sight.
  • Ain Umm Al Sejoor

    • Location :Duraz - Budaiya Road
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Anytime

    A natural water spring discovered in the village of Duraz, It is part of a Dilmun-age temple that was excavated in the early 1950's. Two sculpted lambs were found near the spring, indicating the sacred nature of the water well.
  • Al-Faith Fort Shaikh Salman Bin Ahmed

    • Location :Riffa
    • Entry Fee :200 Fills
    • Timings :07.30 - 14.00

    Built in 1852, the fort sits on a high vantage point overlooking the desert. The fort has 4 towers, 2 square & 2 circular. It is believed that the Al-Faith Fort was built on the ruins of an earlier 1698 castle.
  • Al Khamis Mosque

    • Location :Al Khamis
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :08.00 - 14.00

    This one of the oldest relics in the of Islam region, and the foundation are believed to have been laid as early as 692AD. An inscription found on the site, however, suggests a foundation date sometimes during the 11th Century.
  • Ancient Burial Grounds

    • Location :Shaikh Khalifa Highway
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Daytime

    Located on Shaikh Khalifa Highway (near Hamed Town roundabout) These mounds are of great historical importance, going back to the Dilmun civilization in the third millennium BC. The mounds are believed to be Dilmunite Royal Tombs.
  • Bahrain Fort Portuguese Fort

    • Location :Karbabad
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Daytime

    Built by the Portuguese in 1522, on the ruins of an earlier smaller fort built by the Bahrani's, the fort has a great historical importance in the Arabian Gulf region. Excavations have revealed soldiers' barracks, horse stables.
  • Barbar Temple

    • Location :Babar
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Daytime

    Situated in Barbar next to budaiya, the temple cinsists of three superimposed levels built over several periods of time. The temple comprises a sacred throne, a libation stone and a worship court.
  • Duraz Temple

    • Location :Duraz
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Daytime

    Situated in the village Duraz along Budaiya Road. Although he archaeological excavation has discontinued, there are still remains of cylindrical columns featuring the special design of the temple.
  • Saar Settlement

    • Location :Saar
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Daytime

    This is the most recent discovery of the Dilmun era and consists of residential dwellings inhabited by the Dilmunite people. The houses are separated into living rooms, kitchens and narrow streets leading to the houses.
  • Saar Burial Grounds

    • Location :Saar
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Daytime

    The Saar interconnected burial grounds, situated on the main Saar Road, comprise nearly 1,500 tombs that have been unearthed, with human remains. The tombs were constructed in a beehive-like design.


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