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Dermatologists ...

 Bahrain Specialist Hospital  >>>  
Location Juffair
Timings Contact the Dermatologists
Contact 1781 2222
Services: Hair removal by laser. Skin resurfacing. Vascular and pigment removal. Chemical peeling, botox injection and dermafilling of wrinkles and face lines. Cryosurgery e.g. for warts & other pre-malignant conditions. Cauterization and phototherapy (for diseases like psoriasis... etc).
 American Mission Hospital  >>>  
Location Manama
Timings Contact the Dermatologists
Contact 1725 3447
Services: Laser Treatment for the removal of skin including corns, warts, tattoos and pigmentation. Cryosurgery (freezing with liquid nitrogen) for the removal of warts, corns, solar (Actinic keratoses) etc. Botox for facial wrinkles sweaty palms and armpits. Excision and biopsy to treat and diagnose skin conditions like cancer. Chemical peels for pigmentation scars. Comprehensive skin examination for the early detection of skin cancers and precancerous skin conditions. Management of different conditions involving hair loss in men and women, including male pattern baldness. Comprehensive and satisfactory management of diseases like acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, allergies & fungal infections. Diagnostic procedures like: Patch tests for allergies, Blood tests for allergies KOH culture for fungal infections, Wood's Lamp examination. Patient education material is available. Curbside consultations at the golf course are done without any fees.


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